My middle and me

One day without noticing Sir discovered I had a little. I use to feel so comfortable cuddling up to Him, we would laugh and  He would kiss my nose and my forehead. I felt like I was so loved and so special to Him.

I needed to feel that and I got comfortable in that shared space and energy with Him. I think she came out then, He told me my voice changed and so did my energy. I thought it was bizarre that I never really realized she was inside me before.

He recognized it and had experience with it. I didn’t and I didn’t have any concept of what being a little girl even meant. I thought in the grand scheme of things it was sort of strange, just unknown territory for a girl like me. But now every time I am with Him I think she comes out.

I love laughing with Him while we watch tv and snuggle. I miss that a lot when I am not with Him. I think of Him often and I enjoy when He tells me He thought of me too. I just started calling Him Daddy, that is new. I think it’s something I have wanted to do for awhile. I just had to express that desire with Him. He wants to know every aspect of me, every facet because anything He owns or uses He wants to know on a deep level.

I want to explore being a little girl more, I think it’s healthy but then I worry about the darker places it might take me. Will He also want to see those? My mind is vast and I know the deeper we go, the darker sides might creep out unknowingly. I know they are there, I’ve experienced it and it scares me.

But the safer I feel with Him, I know the deeper and more rich the experiences will be with Him. I feel happy, it doesn’t take much. Just a simple conversation and things are so much lighter, I smile and I miss Him with all the love I have inside.

I like loving someone, it’s probably the simplest thing you can do. It doesn’t take much but it took me opening up and my walls being completely torn down to be open to it.

I can only hope that this feeling never ends…


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