My experience

Last night was the beginning of something for me, i think a transformation to the next phase of my experience within the lifestyle which is with rope. I’m starting to love the feel and touch of it, the way it feels against my bare skin. I love surrendering myself to the person I’m with and to the ropes that confine and surround me.

I had a great scene with a Dom friend of mine last night and it involved hog tie which I had never experienced before. It was interesting the various ways he warmed my body up. I loved the way he massaged with oil in to my skin and some of the ways he tormented me using a rubber paddle, clothes pins and rubber bands, yes rubber bands are evil devices.

All in all I had a lovely experience with him, oh and though I hated tickling but it goes to show even I could learn to enjoy it. I can learn to be more controlled in my actions especially when told to do so. I love being taken over, giving parts of myself up to a person for those little moments of joy that you never want to end. I could have been tied like that forever and I think I found a new passion.

Although my first love will always be the flogger, i think that incorporating both rope and impact play will be a nice combination. I wish I could always have experiences like that, one’s that leave me calm, grounded, in this high as a kite type of mode in which I love.

I’m hoping to be able to find someone who wants to experience the level of intimacy that this type of play brings. I want to take it to a place where my limits happen to be and then push myself further. Go beyond my limits to a place unseen. Being used in every way imaginable would be the ultimate fantasy for me..

I can’t wait to be open for more, learn, grow and share with the one’s I love.


One thought on “My experience

  1. KinkyPriest says:

    Sounds very wonderful. Good luck finding the perfect partner. I have willing partners… now I just have to work on my confidence and skill…

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